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Tools: The 4 P's of Pitching for Corporate Partnerships

Linda Garnett and Sharon Dann,
07 June 2018

You’ ve got to admire Anthony Robbins and how he is able to motivate and generate self confidence in everyone. His style and his smile are infectious. With corporate partnerships, you need more than just a big smile and enthusiasm to win a pitch. It’s about substance as well as style.


Thought Starter: SME's and Partnerships - The Visionaries (4 case studies)

Julia Keady,
06 June 2018

First published in Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine)

In this second part of a three-part series on SMEs as business partners, Julia Keady looks at four businesses that are making their mark in unique ways, and why we need to pay attention to the SME giving force on the horizon!First published in Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine)


Thought Starter: SME Businesses & Social Opportunity Partnerships

Julia Keady,
18 April 2018

(First published in Fundraising & Philanthropy magazine April 2018 edition) 

Small to medium businesses in Australia contribute half of the $18 billion in charity partnership dollars and are increasingly looking for charity partnerships. In this first part of a three-part series on SMEs as business partners, Julia Keady unpacks the most in-depth research about SMEs conducted to date.


Community Wellbeing: Preventing vicarious trauma

Adam Blanch,
19 March 2018

(First published by Pro Bono News Australia) by practitioner Adam Blanch 

Most people know that vicarious trauma is a problem that has a very high personal and organisational cost to human service providers and first responders – but it doesn’t have to be. Psychologist Adam Blanch takes us on a tour of the issue and how we can prevent it.


Community Profile: Inspirational women and their big ideas

Julia Keady,
18 March 2018

(First published by Generosity Magazine for 2018 International Women's Day)

For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working with women and men with deep passion, deep compassion and big ideas.



Thought Starter: A world first social enterprise car park?

Julia Keady,
09 March 2018

I am with Larry Page. A good idea is always crazy until they are not. Until people jump on the crazy wagon. 

And we are in an era where big ideas are needed. Transformational ideas that allow multiple partners to help us bust out some of our old, limiting paradigms. 


Community Wellbeing: Handling a narcissist in your organisation

Adam Blanch,
06 March 2018

(First published by Probono Australia) by practitioner Adam Blanch 

Narcissism is the bogey man of personality. It is surrounded by myth and fear, but it is a surprisingly common part of most people’s lives. We encounter it almost daily, with approximately 1 per cent of the population suffering a diagnosable level of the disorder, so that’s something like 70 or 80 million clinical narcissists in the world.


Perspective: The other face of social change

Julia Keady,
28 February 2018

One of my most recent AHA moments was the realisation that we have many 'hidden faces of social change'. We often talk about those running for purpose organisations as the agents of change in our society, and while I concur, the face we forget is the many consultants and small businesses.


Thought Starter: Social responsibility or social opportunity?

Julia Keady,
07 February 2018

This piece was first published by Pro Bono Australia here.

People who know me know that I get fired up about language.


Thought Starter: Community foundations: If you haven’t got one, get one

Julia Keady,
03 February 2018

The recent Global Philanthropy report pays homage to the incredible work of Community Foundations and noting they are becoming beacons of philanthropy everywhere.  

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