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What About Me? Making it personal to inspire philanthropy

Teisha Archer,
12 August 2019
Some years ago, I was chatting with a valued supporter of medical research. I asked her what her reasons for giving were, and I am sure you have heard similar stories. 

I don’t want others to suffer as my loved one suffered… 
I want others to have the opportunities I had… 
This cause is important to me… 


Top 3 ways to recognise and work with an engaged donor

12 August 2019
Before we move into specifics, let’s talk about why we want engaged donors.

After all, they are a lot more work, and everyone is pretty stretched for time as it is. We want them because once they are engaged, they are likely to be with you for the long haul.


Top 3 Things a Business Wants in a Charity Partnership

Linda Garnett and Sharon Dann.,
12 August 2019

What does a business really want from me?

That’s the million-dollar question for most charities – right up there with ‘is there free food in the kitchen?’ and ‘who stole all the forks?’


Top 3 Ways that Arts can transform your Community Consultations

12 August 2019

Community consultations can get a bad rap. Too many surveys, too many public meetings, too much talking! 

If you have ever wondered how to access the people who can’t (or don’t want to) fill out surveys, then the arts may hold the answer.


Top 3 Tips To Successfully Crowdfund Your New Social Venture

Laura Trotta,
12 August 2019

Growing a new social venture takes time, effort and money. And while you may have an endless supply of passion to grow your enterprise, it’s unlikely that you’ll have an endless supply of cash.

In fact, it’s possible that at some stage you’ll need an injection of funds to get your venture off the ground.


Top 3 Ways that data and predictive analytics is transforming our sector

12 August 2019

Do you hear the words data, machine learning and artificial intelligence and ask yourself what it means and how will it benefit society?

Business leaders, futurists and Governments readily acknowledge we are now living in the fourth industrial revolution. Today’s creations will bring massive changes in how we work, communicate and live.


Top Tips On How To Ask For Money

Teisha Archer,
12 August 2019

When I answer the question so what do you do, the next question is more often than not, how do you ask someone for that much money…?

The truth is, I don’t often do the asking. In most cases our job as fundraisers is done in the months and years leading up to ‘that’ meeting. When it comes to the ask, more often than not I have briefed and trained two others to take on that role.


Give Them Goosebumps – Articulating Your Vision to Inspire

Teisha Archer,
12 August 2019

So, your organisation needs more money. Whose doesn't!

Knocking on a prospective donor’s door to tell them to give because you do good things will rarely result in a donation that will be world-changing for your organisation.


The untapped potential for corporate partnerships

Linda Garnett and Sharon Dann,
12 August 2019

In every family you can see the similarities around the Christmas table: the talent for singing, the mops of curly hair or the same lopsided smile. But there’s always the one that’s a little bit different, who doesn’t quite fit the mould and you never know if he’s going to grow up to be an archbishop or arch criminal.


Data hygiene is everybody’s business

Stephen Mally,
12 August 2019

Imagine Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, eTapestry, Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack, Microsoft Dynamics, or any of the marquis customer relationship management (CRM) systems which serve the non-profit sector, operating on their own. A self-driving CRM. A self-cleaning CRM. Gone would be the need for day-to-day management and oversight. No longer would you need to worry about whether people were entering data in a uniform fashion. Return to Sender mail would be automatically processed. A data file could be pulled seamlessly for your Tax Appeal, which would extract clean, tidy, and uniform data that would even please your direct marketing firm.

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