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THE X-CHANGE is a video library and freely available to social changemakers.

Hosted on YouTube, the library comprises answers to 100+ common questions, ranging from 3 to 10 minutes long. 

​We are renovating and expanding the video library over 2021/2022. Join our Mailing List to keep updated.

Communications and marketing

How arts help communities which impacted by natural disasters

How the arts can improve community consultation?

How to find a partner to take an existing program Australia-wide?

Why do the Arts on Silos Projects work so well as a tourism attraction?

Cost effective options for website development

How do I design an arts project in my town & find artists?

Best approach for handling conversations with hostile stakeholders?

Partnering with a major brand to expand operations

What is MVP and why is it so important? 

How to promote a topic to partners that might be taboo?

What do you mean by things ‘going wrong’?

How do events help connect more people to your organisation’s cause?

How important are celebrities in your event strategy?

How did Australia's best event fundraiser get into events?

How do we get our organisation or cause noticed?

How does a Brand Strategist define 'brand'?

Why it’s important to get an event’s commercial expectations right from the outset? 

How do you define the difference your event is making, or will make?

Why is the WHY in events so important?

Crowdfunding to raise capital for your change-making venture

How to deal with negative or inaccurate publicity or media?

How to handle things going wrong with a live event?

Session 14 – Communications/PR Strategies to Build Your Profile

Session 16 - Brand

Are influencers and ambassadors important in a PR strategy?

Which one is best – Podcasts or YouTube?

Best methods for growing an email list 

Pricing an online course – should I discount? 

Best social media platforms to build your online brand

Tips on online course creation and platforms

Increasing traffic to your website or online store

What is a Case for Support document, and why do we need one?

How should we articulate our vision so people will give to our cause?

Why is a ‘think local, act global’ approach so important with events?

Top 5 tips for attracting media coverage

What makes a good story for the media?

Who should we talk with in the media?

What should we say on social media, and how often?

What can smaller organisations do to strengthen their brand?

What simple things can organisations do to strengthen their brand?

Our brand doesn’t resonate with donors. What can we do?

Who’s job is it to make sure an organisation’s brand is in good shape?

How do you know if your brand is working against you?

How do you know if your brand is working for you?

Why is having a strong brand critical for organisations today?

What are the benefits of having a strong organisational brand?

What are some low-cost activities to raise your profile?

How to best advocate internally for investment in research?

Most common pitfalls for organisations who do their own surveys?

How does research help support an organisation to transform?

What are the foundations for a good market research survey?


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