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Disability goes mainstream – Interview with Dr Rhonda Galbally AO

Julia Keady,
14 November 2013

The mainstreaming of disability is finally here to stay, and cannot be “put back in its box”, according to one of Australia’s most prominent disability advocates, Dr Rhonda Galbally AO.


Wealth and legacy: Women driving the new philanthropy

Julia Keady,
11 September 2012

As the “female economy” now represents the fastest growing wealth demographic in Australia and abroad, what does this mean for philanthropy?

Angela Mentis, executive general manager of NAB Private Wealth, has a unique perspective on the question, having worked with hundreds of high net worth individuals.


One woman's philanthropic vision to put play back on education agenda

Julia Keady,
20 August 2012

Within 12 months of considering such issues, Marylou and her research colleagues had not only discovered a generational shift towards less constructive play in Australia's primary school children, but they also unearthed an innovative concept in the UK that reversing such a shift.


Mixing business with philanthropy

Julia Keady,
30 November 2011

All Australian businesses lie somewhere on a ‘philanthropy continuum’ that stretches from true altruistic intention at one end to expedient tax incentives at the other.

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