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Top Tips to Finding Your Top Prospects

Teisha Archer,
21 March 2019

Often our best major gift prospects are hidden in plain sight. But how do you find them and prioritise your approaches? My advice - always start closest to home. Take a look at your database, your organisation and your networks.


Top 12 Trends and Predictions for 2019

Julia Keady,
11 January 2019

Specialist consultants and coaches from The Xfactor Collective recently shared their predictions in Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine (Dec/Jan edition). Check out what they see on the horizon.


Foundation Member Profile: Meet Leanne (or should we say Indiana Jones!)

Julia Keady,
05 November 2018

I first met Leanne Hart at a workshop in the first part of 2018. Listening to her across the table talk about her connection to social purpose and to change-makers warmed my heart. I instantly felt these words emerge in my head – 'heartsmart women and men – and that's the collective I wanted to build. Here's a few questions I posed to Leanne recently so you can get to know her.


Perspective: Do we have to be sexy to win a corporate partner?

Linda Garnett and Sharon Dann,
12 October 2018

Let’s be honest, a pug isn’t the best-looking dog. It’s got a face that looks like it’s been hit with a brick, it wheezes like an asthmatic in a pollen storm and it won’t be qualifying for agility trials anytime soon. But clearly there are thousands of owners who see beyond its limitations and can’t wait to add a pug to the family home.  


Perspective: Control Freak or Confident Person?

Adam Blanch,
24 September 2018

“Dear Adam, I am a control freak. I have lists of my lists, plan everything I do, have five savings accounts for different potential problems, arrange my sock draw by size, colour and age and account for virtually every minute of my day"


Perspective: Can we really make the world a Better Place

Adam Blanch,
12 September 2018

It seems we are meant to want to change the world. No longer just the purview of beauty queens giving vapid speeches about saving the children, now we are awash in exhortations to live a “life of purpose” and to “make a difference”. 


Community Wellbeing: The Other F Word – Forgiveness

Adam Blanch,
12 September 2018

Dear Adam, I read your article on trauma and it made sense. I’ve realised that I was far more resourceful and resilient than I thought, and this has helped me move past a lot of pain and symptoms. However, I can’t get past wanting to make the person who abused me pay for it. 


People & Culture Tips: Good First Impressions

Leanne Hart,
12 September 2018

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” — Will Rogers  

Picture this:  It's the first day on the job for your new team member.  There are a myriad of feelings and thoughts going through their mind.  They are excited about their new role, new team and new opportunities.  They are curious, ready to learn and connect …. and probably a little nervous about the unknown.   


Community Wellbeing: The Majesty of our Feelings

Adam Blanch,
29 August 2018

Psychologist Adam Blanch has touched on the majesty of our emotions in other articles, and promised a fuller exploration of them to come, so here it is. Let’s talk about the F word - feelings.


Thought Starter: SME's and Business Community Partnerships - 7 Most Common Questions

Linda Garnett and Sharon Dann,
08 August 2018

In part three of our series on SMEs, we look at forming partnerships that last. In the last two articles, we explained the imperative around SMEs and why you need to start formulating a plan, and then we revealed a handful of the thousands of SMEs that are rising to their social impact mission.  

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