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Thought Starter: Social responsibility or social opportunity?

Julia Keady,
07 February 2018

This piece was first published by Pro Bono Australia here.

People who know me know that I get fired up about language.


Thought Starter: Community foundations: If you haven’t got one, get one

Julia Keady,
03 February 2018

The recent Global Philanthropy report pays homage to the incredible work of Community Foundations and noting they are becoming beacons of philanthropy everywhere.  


Community Profile: Philanthropy Sector Leader, Genevieve Timmons

Julia Keady,
07 November 2017

Philanthropy Australia’s recent conference theme Future Ready inspired me to tease out the issue with long-standing sector leader and author of Savvy Giving, Genevieve Timmons. (Many thanks to Pro Bono News for first publishing this piece on 8 November 2016)


Perspective: Coming full circle with crowd funding

Julia Keady,
09 April 2017

This morning, I was fortunate to spend 15 minutes chatting on ABC Gippsland about social change and philanthropy, and we homed in on the subject of crowd-funding which has long been something I have felt nervous about. I am often warning people to be really careful with crowd-funding.  



Thought Starter: Philanthropists feel powerless too

Julia Keady,
02 November 2016

I have been working with a fabulous lady in her 70s, and we have been delving into a sector that very few large-scale donors have navigated. In this sector – like many – there are the obvious big players and countless smaller organisations, many of which have never received a direct inquiry from a potential philanthropist.



Thought Starter: A 'climate' lens for philanthropy

Julia Keady,
12 October 2016

Yesterday I attended Day 2 of the National Community Foundations Forum, where I was fortunate enough to speak about community engagement, and also participate in the audience and learn from some of our sector's inspiring leaders.


Perspective: Boards - it's time to step up!

Julia Keady,
05 September 2016

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been on a Board, answered to a Board and worked with numerous client Boards across the for-purpose sector.  


Thought Starter: Are we harnessing power of women 'intrapreneurs'?

Julia Keady,
01 September 2016

I was listening to a podcast last night by Smita Singh from Womenpreneur program in the USA, and something she said really hit me... 


Vale Peter Hero and may we follow..

Julia Keady,
29 August 2016

Nearly 10 years ago, I read about this guy Peter Hero, who literally put philanthropy, community foundations, impact investing and so much more on the map. 


Want to work in philanthropy?

Julia Keady,
29 August 2016

Working in the philanthropy 'sector' is very rewarding. Every day, I get to live by my values, and work with others who want to live according to their values. I'm invited into the private worlds of people's hearts, which is such a privilege. 

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