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Free resources and advice to help the social sector

In our 12th show, we focused on the role that technology plays in remote and virtual service delivery, both during COVID-19 and into the future.

We joined Specialist Member Roland Maxwell, who helps leaders and boards untangle their IT mess. He explained how to avoid making costly IT mistakes by using his company’s Enterprise Architecture Framework, showcasing how it works in practice. He also discussed the three tiers of online software that are essential to enable cost effective, cyber safe and future-fit remote and virtual service delivery

We also heard from our inspiring case study
Allison Holland, Curator, Australian Centre for Photography (ACP)
Allison shared how, at the start of COVID, ACP quickly pivoted to generate income by using online technology for their exhibitions, workshops and other services. She took us behind the scenes of the challenges of making technology decisions on the run, whilst working remotely! She also explained how their initial technology choice was not fit-for-purpose, what they are doing now to fix it and how they are integrating new and old technology, saving money, increasing efficiency, generating revenue AND improving the customer experience.