Helping you get the right service and support to the social changemakers you care about.

Our Alliance Partners Program is specifically designed to support our partners – sector peak bodies (member-based organisations), fellow intermediaries, and grantmaking organisations.

The program supports partners who care about their constituents and want to refer people confidently to proven, pre-vetted specialists who offer quality support, and who know and understand the sector. 

Our partners also value procurement from a trusted intermediary and social enterprise, from small business operators and from experienced committed sector professionals.


"Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) has worked in partnership with The Xfactor Collective for the past 18 months.

"With a mission to support and bolster the Australian non-profit sector, they have provided support and care for our members and their needs with professionalism and passion.

"FIA is excited to continue to partner with The Xfactor Collective in assisting all Australian nfps to have strong, sustainable and best-practice revenue streams."

Katherine Raskob, CEO
Fundraising Institute Australia


How the program works


Everyone is constantly asking how they can add value to their key stakeholders. One such way is to partner with us, making life easier for your members or clients.

We can add value to the relationship you have with your trusted members and clients. We take very good care of them to help connect them to the right type of support/services for their needs. You can expect good old-fashioned care, trust and support – something that we're bringing back into fashion! 


We may be located in different offices and organisations, but many of us in the social sector share similar aims. So it makes sense to work together, especially if that means we create better results together. We work slowly to set up partnerships, to ensure we are both values-aligned.

You can expect to see our actions guided by the following principles and values:

  • Decisions made through a 5-Win prism – our practices must be a win for the client, the specialist, the partner, the beneficiaries that the client serves, and the wider sector/community
  • Good old-fashioned values – we practise accountability, transparency, honesty, trust, excellence, respect, fairness and kindness

Bespoke and best-possible solutions – we take the time and care to find the best possible fit for both the specialist and the client, based on the client’s requirements and budget.


To support the partnership, you will receive:

  • A dedicated Community Manager as your point of contact for new and existing projects
  • Information about the Collective, and blogs, articles and videos for your member bulletins
  • Social media posts to share through your channels (and vice versa)
  • Special promotions on any programs
  • An opportunity for you to share any special offers from your organisation with our specialists and clients
  • An invitation for your members to participate in free programming and/or research projects.


Be reassured by the wraparound care inherent in all our projects. This wraparound care sets us apart in the sector and ensures your peace of mind when referring your members or clients to the Collective. You can expect the following from us:

  • We provide support to specialists who are preparing/submitting request for proposals, EOIs and tender submissions
  • We track the progress of projects in the Collective on a regular basis
  • We check in confidentially and separately with clients and specialists
  • We provide support to clients and specialists when they require additional specialists for the project
  • We encourage both clients and specialists to identify as early as possible any challenges within the project and/or working relationship, and we provide support for both parties to find the best possible way forward (if required).


You can expect to catch up with us regularly, and receive a regular summary on the status of clients and projects referred by your organisation.

We ask that you do not engage with our specialists direct about the status of projects, and allow us to manage the internal communications and reporting.


By now you have probably realised that The Xfactor Collective is not your average professional services network. Rather, we exist to:

  • Improve the wellbeing of all social changemakers (specialists, clients and partners)
  • Address the structural issues that lead to burnout in the sector
  • Overcome structural inequities in accessing support and advice.

When you engage with us or purchase services from the Collective, you are helping to support this mission. You enable us to put changemaker wellbeing on the sector reform agenda, and help us create resources and support for smaller organisations who often miss out on trusted support and advice. Read more about our Foundation here.


How we triage and support your members

When you refer your members to us, here's the process we follow to ensure their needs are met the whole way through.

You will receive regular reporting on progress and outcomes.

Collective Support Referrals Process updated June 2022

Working with a specialist community


The Xfactor Collective community consists of pre-vetted specialist consultants and professional services businesses who operate in the social purpose sector.

We all work collaboratively with each other, and to support our client organisations' needs.

All specialists in the Collective are independent owner-operators, who carry their own business insurances. They pay a fee to belong to the Collective, and they agree to a strict set of terms and conditions to be part of the community. On average, it takes three months to join the Collective, based on our tried and tested process and criteria, outlined below.


The following is a brief overview of the criteria and joining process:

  • All specialists are owner-managed businesses (solo consultants, or small agencies/businesses)
  • All specialists must have a minimum seven years’ experience in their area of specialisation (the average is 15-20 years) 
  • Specialists attend an Information Session before their EOI Application is assessed. After this, they have a 1:1 interview with the CEO/Founder to explore the fit.
  • We undertake seven reference checks for the specialist to join the community 
  • Upon successful reference checking, specialists undertake a three-month onboarding process into the community.


We currently have 70+ specialist consultants and professional services in the Collective. Our specialists deliver services in a range of ways, including consulting, outsourced teams, coaching/mentoring, small group trainings etc. They work with all types of organisations, at all stages and sizes.

We cover the following major specialisation areas, and at last count have over 300+ areas of sub-specialisations:

  • Governance, Organisational Strategy, Board Evaluation, Transformation
  • Risk Management, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Compliance
  • People and Culture, Human Resources, Recruitment, Leadership, Cultural Change, Diversity & Inclusion, Vicarious/Frontline Trauma
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Demergers, Restructures, Change Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate/Community Partnerships, Philanthropy, Grantmaking, Volunteering
  • Fundraising, Grants, Submissions, Bequests, Capital Campaigns, Outsourced Fundraising Teams, Appeals, Fundraising Events
  • Marketing, Business Development, Brand, Public Relations, Events, Annual Reports, Photography, Videography, Printing
  • Communications, Community Engagement, Market Research, Focus Groups, Data & Analytics
  • Accounting, Finance, Charity/DGR Set-Up, Bookkeeping, Virtual CFO
  • Business Systems, IT, Apps, Process Improvement, Websites, CRM 
  • Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation, Theory of Change, Impact Measurement, Outcomes Reporting/Reports.

You can also tap into packaged services such as our Outsourced Research (Data & Insights) package, designed for peak bodies, grantmakers and membership organisations.


Hear from others


BRAVE FOUNDATION: The Collective as a whole is a truly remarkable and visionary community of specialists that really do care about social enterprise in Australia and helping those that need it most."

AUSTRALIAN SPORTS FOUNDATION: “We never thought we would, but we have engaged 8 different specialists from the Collective over the last 2 years to support our organisational growth and change. It has saved us time, money and heartache working with a community with our best interests at heart."

ENTERPRISE LEARNING PROJECTS: "When we first found The Xfactor Collective, we wondered how we'd survivd for so long without them. It is such a joy and relief to have someone take away the hassle of finding quality consultants that both understand us, and deliver quality outcomes. This is a community of generous (and hard-working!) professionals that we needed."

EAST GIPPSLAND MARKETING INC: "The Collective and Concierge support has been a wonderful and useful support. We have 4 different specialists working with us on key initiatives and they're great."

AUSSIE FARMERS FOUNDATION: "A great experience for us! We have been able to access skilled professionals with charity, philanthropy and grantmaking experience that would have been hard to find without the Collective."

Find out more

To explore a pilot partnership with the Collective, please reach out directly in the first instance to the CEO/Founder, Julia Keady - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


"The Xfactor Collective has become an important partner for Social Traders.

"Its team of our vetted experts across 300 fields has been able to deliver on the breadth and depth of experience necessary to support our certified social enterprise community.

"The Xfactor Collective specialists have demonstrated they truly understand the dual roles of social enterprises as impact and commercial organisations, and have been able to practically scale support to ensure social enterprises receive value from the time and money invested.

"Julia Keady (CEO) and the rest of the team are an absolute pleasure to work with – they are responsive, understanding and flexible to the needs of Social Traders and our social enterprises.  I look forward to further evolving our partnership as we work together to provide the best outcomes for social enterprises."

Lisa Boothy, Executive Director
Social Traders


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and waters and their knowledge of the places where we gather to collaborate and strengthen communities. In our work, we recognise the importance of Country, not just as a place, but how it also maintains community, family, kin, lore and language.

We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

This always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

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