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“We can’t go back” – 80% say pre-pandemic sector constraints a major determinant of current burnout

1 December 2020

With burnout and fatigue increasing among employees and volunteers in the Social Purpose sector, latest research also uncovers a strong message about pre-existing systemic impacts on the sector’s mental health and wellbeing.

The latest interval of The Xfactor Collective’s RESET 2020 National Impact+Need Research Study has found 40-45% of the sector are now often or always in high levels of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm, with 80% stating that the existing (pre-pandemic) ways of working are partly to blame. This compares to pre-pandemic wellbeing indicators that already showed nearly 1 in 5 were not taking good care of themselves, 16% felt their workload was unachievable, and 1 in 10 were overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed.

Early insights from sector-first study expose alarming sector burnout

22 October 2020

Amid the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, early insights from the RESET 2020 National Impact+Need September Survey indicate many social sector organisations are finding that in addition to the financial strain caused by COVID-19 restrictions, staff and volunteers are feeling increasingly anxious and stressed.

The survey closes next Friday, but preliminary analysis reveals staff wellbeing and mental health are major challenges for many not-for-profit organisations and charities.

New research investigates ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on the social sector

28 September 2020


Melbourne, 28 September: The second phase of a national research project designed to measure the ongoing and evolving impact of COVID-19 on social purpose organisations was launched earlier today.

The study is an initiative of social-purpose organisation The Xfactor Collective with the support of Equity Trustees, and is designed to identify the issues affecting the social sector. The goal is to help identify what support is needed for those organisations to make it through the pandemic.

The first part of this National Impact+Need Research Study was conducted in May and revealed the many challenges faced by the social sector due to the pandemic.

Future of diverse social sector at risk, survey reveals

7 August 2020


The continuation of the critical contribution charities and not-for-profits make to the economy and social fabric of our country is at risk due to the impacts of COVID-19, with organisations across the sector facing declining revenues and a consequent inability to provide their usual services. Impacts on mental health and well-being impacts are also emerging among staff and volunteers.

These are among the key findings from the RESET 2020 National Impact+Need Research Study released today, which generally validates modelling developed at the start of the pandemic. However, this survey provides real insights into the extent of the impact of COVID-19 on the social sector, from large charities to small grassroots organisations.

Australian philanthropy sector leaders unite for live event to discuss funding support, and funder direction and intentions

16 June 2020

What are the practical supports available to social purpose organisations and grantmakers? What has been the impact on funders from COVID-19? What does philanthropy look like for the coming 12 months? What is the philanthropy sector doing to champion the social purpose sector?

These and many other topics and questions will be addressed in a two-part free live show with five philanthropy sector leaders through events on 25 and 30 June 2020, as part of the RESET 2020 program.

The live online broadcasts, titled ‘Philanthropy Intentions & Directions During and Post COVID-19’, will cover various perspectives including rural and regional, community foundations, trusts and foundations, private philanthropy and trustee companies. It reflects the needs identified from early analysis of the RESET 2020 Research Study and program to date, where hundreds of organisations have asked many questions about philanthropy and funding, particularly around giving in an era of bushfires, floods and COVID-19.

50% loss of revenue across social purpose organisations informs stage one of free live program

14 May 2020

Significant revenue shortfalls and limited reserves are shaping up as the biggest issues for social purpose organisations as a result of COVID-19, according to early insights from the RESET 2020 National Support Program and Research Study, which is currently underway with support from Equity Trustees and the Sector Capacity Building Fund.

50% of the organisations that have responded so far report a loss of revenue, although they can continue for now. However, 11% need immediate financial assistance to continue their operations, and a third of organisations with less than $250,000 in annual turnover only have been 1 and 3 months of reserves.

The 3am inspiration behind a new program for the social sector

7 May 2020

Friday the 13th of March. The Grand Prix in Melbourne was cancelled. Remember that? It felt like a green light for a surreal new world to emerge. You could almost hear the wave of pain that was about to hit. Each night, I’d wake up mortified by the impending domino effect of all face-to-face interaction in our sector being slowly, but inevitably swallowed up. The devastation on a sector that relies on human interaction – be it fundraising dinners, case workers checking in on families, country halls filled with community groups.

Then I felt the second wave hit, what I call the further divide of “have’s” and “have nots” in our sector – those who can and can’t afford or access support and advice in times of change. Who would get help, and who wouldn’t? Who would be left to suffer in silence? Beyond JobSeeker payments, extra grants, plugging leaking holes – where else would changemakers go to for advice and support? And then a third wave realisation – but what about all the hope and inspiration – how will that be shared, captured and told so we can recalibrate and reinvent ourselves, somehow, together. 

Free support program launches to help social sector organisations reset

23 April 2020

A free online support and advice program designed specifically for social purpose organisations has been launched today, thanks to a new partnership between The Xfactor Collective and Equity Trustees.

The program – RESET 2020 – will be delivered through bi-weekly live broadcasts and interactive Q&A sessions featuring subject matter specialists offering practical, relevant support and sharing insights and inspiring case studies.

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