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Our vision is a world where all social changemakers feel empowered and equipped to lead effective change. 

Our mission is to make it easier for social changemakers to share/access support and advice from trusted and experienced people. 

At the core of this is a growing community of 65+ specialist consultants and professional services here to support you.

How does the Collective work?


For organisations needing a consultant or professional business service, we have assembled 65 experienced and highly vetted specialists (and growing), who have around 100+ packaged-up services and solutions that make it easy for you to find a good-fit solution for your needs. You can either:

  • Lodge a request or RFP with us at Concierge
  • Speak with one of our Community Managers at Conciege
  • Search for a specialist or solution using our search filters (though most people find it quicker to speak with us!) 

We pride ourselves on listening to your needs, helping you find the best possible support for your needs, not selling you things you don't need (enough of that in our sector already!) and saving you time, heartache and headache. Get started here.


For consultants and professional services delivering services in the Social Purpose sector, we provide a network and community for you to sustain, grow and innovate your business. This only applies to solo or small business operators. Read more here.


We work closely with sector intermediaries, grantmakers and member-based organisations who value our approach to supporting organisations requiring support/advice in a respectful and values-aligned way. 

Who we work with

Our Specialists have worked with 500+ organisations, from all corners of the social purpose sector:

  • Not for profits, charities, social enterprises, local/state/federal government, member-based organisations, grantmakers, corporates
  • Organisations at all life stages – pre-startup through to growth/scaling up, merging or winding down
  • Organisations large and small – our Specialists have packages well-priced for small organisations, and we have our free video library

We have very strong rural and regional credentials which can be hard to find – 70% of our Specialists are either based in, originate from, or have worked on projects in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Our areas of specialisation

We currently have 65 specialist consultants and professional services in the Collective.

Our specialists deliver services in a range of ways, including consulting, outsourced teams, coaching/mentoring, small group trainings etc.

We cover the following major specialisation areas, and at last count have over 300+ areas of sub-specialisations:

  • Governance, Organisational Strategy, Board Evaluation, Transformation
  • Risk Management, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Compliance
  • People and Culture, Human Resources, Recruitment, Leadership, Cultural Change, Diversity & Inclusion, Vicarious/Frontline Trauma
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Demergers, Restructures, Change Management (Dive deeper here)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate/Community Partnerships, Philanthropy, Grantmaking, Volunteering
  • Fundraising, Grants, Submissions, Bequests, Capital Campaigns, Outsourced Fundraising Teams, Appeals, Fundraising Events
  • Marketing, Business Development, Brand, Public Relations, Events, Annual Reports, Photography, Videography, Printing
  • Communications, Community Engagement, Market Research, Focus Groups, Data & Analytics
  • Accounting, Finance, Charity/DGR Set Up, Book-Keeping, Virtual CFO
  • Business Systems, IT, Apps, Process Improvement, Websites, CRM 
  • Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation, Theory of Change, Impact Measurement, Outcomes Reporting/Reports

To understand if we can assist - please upload a Brief, or book into a conversation with our Community Managers at Concierge.

The story so far

Achieving our mission requires a number of intersecting initiatives, some of which you can read about here.
Our first endeavours over 2019 and 2020 have been to help changemakers find support on demand, which has required us to develop Stage One of our platform:

  • Build and test a process to create a community of experienced and pre-vetted specialist consultants and professional services
  • Create a way to search for specialists on our platform across 300+ areas of expertise, delivery methods and cause areas
  • Create a sector-first business networking program for our specialists to sustain, grow, innovate and collaborate together
  • Build and test a triage service (our Concierge service) of support organisations to find the right solution or support
  • For organisations unable to afford services, we have developed a video library and conducted 30+ webinars/live shows

Our 2019 Impact Report and 2020 Impact Report both provide a quick glance at what we have created together.

The Xfactor Collective Foundation

The Xfactor Collective Foundation is a registered charity. Our charity arm was established in 2020 and is home to our Research and Development capacity-building activities. Over time, as a dual entity social enterprise, profits from the trading company will serve to underwrite our core costs of the Foundation. We are currently applying for DGR.


Our first major project through the charity was the RESET 2020 Impact+Need Research and Support Programs, supported by the Equity Trustees Sector Capacity Building Fund.  It has been a large-scale project involving 20+ sector and peak bodies to understand the impact and needs of social purpose organisations, and provide immediate support, advice and inspiration to them during the height of the pandemic.

In 2021, the RESET 2020 research component will evolve as follows:

  • We will be offering the RESET 2020 Research Study as an outsourced research option for grantmakers, peak bodies and community organisations wanting to have a professionally run research project to deepen their understanding of the issues.
  • We will be focussing on a deep dive into wellbeing and resilience, which is core to our mission.

Providing effective triaging support and solutions that address inequities and inequalities in accessing support and advice will continue in our Foundation arm, and will enable government, philanthropic and corporate partners to be involved. 

We will continue to:

  • Share the knowledge acquired from the RESET 2020 Impact+Need Project, ensuring that wellbeing and the systemic reasons we have large-scale burnout in the sector continue to be a priority issue in our sector
  • Work with partners to deliver webinars, workshops, training and other support to organisations in need
  • Work with partners to more effectively triage organisation needs, and connect with the right solution, support or advice
  • Work with partners to develop new options for accessing support or advice.

To partner with us, please reach out to Special Projects and Partnerships Manager Annette Herschtal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Our shared values and beliefs


We rally behind a belief that there has never been a more important time in human history to work smarter, not harder.

  • We support each other to be BRAVE and take chances.
  • We all participate to help the Collective grow. When the Collective wins, we all win.
  • We make every decision through a lens of Win-Win-Win-Win-Win – a win for our Partners, Specialist business members, Collective HQ, clients and the community/beneficiaries they serve. If it doesn't meet this 5WIN approach, we don't do it. 
  • We RESPECT each other - our skills, visions and aspirations.
  • We CARE about social change and supporting changemakers to fulfil their ambitions and potential.
  • We believe in and uphold GOOD OLD-FASHIONED values of accountability, trust, honesty, responsibility, fairness and kindness.

Why a Collective ...

Our mission comes from a deep place of concern about the overall wellbeing of social changemakers, often overlooked as our world's most finite resource. The 'Xfactor' in our name represents the "fire in the belly" -  the thing that unites all social changemakers whether we are working to advance education, arts, human rights, rural communities, climate change, refugees or homelessness. We are all united by the fact it is not negotiable that we choose to work here in this sector.

However, let's face it - the work conditions are not that great. The focus is usually on the wellbeing of our beneficiaries (rightly so), but very rarely on us as social changemakers, even though in Australia the sector employs more Australians than the tourism and hospitality sectors combined. This has led to a culture of self-sacrifice that causes wide-scale burnout, perpetuated by unchallenged systemic causes.


The levels of anxiety, burnout and stress are not acceptable, and not necessary.

In 2020, our RESET 2020 research showed us how grave the situation is:

  • Pre-COVID, nearly 1 in 5 social changemakers were not taking care of themselves OFTEN or ALWAYS.
  • During COVID, this increased to 40% of social changemakers (see below). 
  • 45% reported they were stressed or anxious OFTEN or ALWAYS. 
  • 80% of participants in our research said it was pre-COVID ways of working that were causing the wide-scale burnout (read more here)

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So the Collective is our response to helping changemakers work smarter, not harder.

If you'd like to join us on this mission, read more about our efforts in the 'Foundation' section above, or visit the RESET 2020 hub

RESET 2020 Burnout Index How often did you feel

“We never thought we would, but we have engaged 8 different specialists from the Collective over the last 2 years to support our organisational growth and change. It has saved us time, money and heartache working with a community with our best interests at heart." 



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