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Supporting your organisation through mergers, demergers, acquisitions and major change 

The Social Purpose sector is entering a new era of change, collaboration and coalition-building to create more resilient organisations and drive greater community and social outcomes.

We can help you achieve this with one-off engagements, custom teams or ongoing support across many areas of M&A expertise. 

Our Collective specialists also have extensive experience with small organisations undergoing change, as well as those in rural and regional areas, so you are in great hands.

Our Specialists bring a collective 200+ years experience having helped strategise, navigate and implement organisational change and mergers.

Specialists bring experience from mergers and restructures within large multi-nationals, through to clustering of small charities, across metro, regional and rural locations.

We can work alongside you, or your contracted consultancy firm in a ‘do it with you’ or ‘do it for you’ fashion, with a wide coverage of expertise. 

"We never thought we would, but we have engaged 8 different specialists from the Collective over the last 2 years to support our organisational growth and change. It has saved us time, money and heartache working with a community with our best interests at heart."

Patrick Walker, CEO,
Australian Sports Foundation


Areas of expertise and support

A summary of the many ways we work with organisations across mergers, demergers, acquisitions, restructures and change.


  • Development of pre-merger framework
  • Potential merger prospect identification
  • Development of project framework
  • Merger project management 
  • Due diligence
  • Stakeholder research (surveys, focus groups etc)
  • Unifying stakeholders and obtaining buy-in 


  • Facilitation of new board
  • Entity review and rationalisation
  • Constitution review and reforms
  • ACNC and ASIC obligations
  • Risk management
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Strategic direction re-alignment of vision,
    mission, purpose and values
  • New governance framework
  • Operating model design
  • Organisational design


  • Culture profiling and auditing
  • Capability framework and role clarity
  • Organisational culture/ social contract development
  • Team strengthening exercises
  • Developing new team behaviours
  • Recruitment and redundancy support


  • Process mapping and improvement
  • Creation of merged processes
  • Enterprise architecture review and recommendations
  • New HR talent management systems
  • Financial systems optimisation
  • Merger of finance teams and systems
  • Collateral to support new processes (onboarding, training etc) 


  • Pre Merger brand advisory and brand valuation 
  • Brand research, strategy and design
  • Internal brand launch and culture embedding 


  • Internal and External communications strategy
  • Stakeholder mapping and management
  • Key message development
  • Web platform design, integration and merging
    disparate data sets
  • Media and PR strategy and management
  • Event strategy and co-ordination
  • Monitoring and reporting


  • Strategic planning and re-alignment
  • CRM review and alignment
  • Operational assistance, coaching and mentoring

The change we seek for you

We help you through the tactical aspects of the merger, and come out the other side having:

  • Achieved buy-in with key stakeholders
  • Redefined organisational purpose, vision and values
  • Redefined the employee experience
  • Used the opportunity for process improvement
  • Driven new outcomes for culture and engagement
  • Merged systems effectively to achieve efficiencies and cohesiveness
  • Shaped people to be your organisation’s greatest advocates

From trusted expertise

The Xfactor Collective and its charity arm The Xfactor Collective Foundation work in a mission lock as a Social Enterprise to provide more support to social purpose oganisations. 

The Collective has built a stable of 50 high experienced and pre- vetted independent specialist businesses from across Australia who work collaboratively to support organisations across 300 areas of specialisation. 

Each Specialist brings an average of 15-20 years’ experience in their area of discipline, are reference checked 7 times to be part of a hand-picked Collective of like hearted and like minded people. This means you can hit the ground running, knowing we have done the hard work for you. (Read more here)


When you purchase services from the Collective, you are helping to support this mission. You enable us to put changemaker wellbeing on the sector reform agenda, and help us create resources and support for smaller organisations who often miss out on trusted support and advice. 

Find out more

Our Community Managers and M&A Specialists will support you with your initial query, to understand your needs and how we might best support you.

To speak specifically about mergers, acquisitions and restructures, drop us an enquiry or book a time at our Concierge page here.


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