Where to for civil society in the next five years?

Neil Pharaoh,
02 March 2023

Neil Pharaoh recently did a radio interview on civil society, and it got him thinking: What will be the future of civil society on its current trajectory?


Silencing somebody won’t change their view

Neil Pharaoh,
21 February 2023

When you want to win hearts and minds on the road to change, sometimes you can gain the most ground by engaging with the people who support you the least.


We are one quarter the way through the current Federal Government Term

Neil Pharaoh,
02 February 2023

If you haven’t already started planning for the next Federal Election, then now is the time. You only have until December 2023 to prepare and engage for the final “Election Budget” in May 2024.


Five things to remember for 2023

Neil Pharaoh,
02 February 2023

As we start to awaken from our holiday slumber and think of the year ahead, what are five key things to consider in the world of government engagement in 2023?


Ins and outs in political strategy for 2023

Angus Crowther,
02 February 2023

What's in and what's out for government engagement work in 2023?


How SA sets itself apart

Neil Pharaoh and Ellen McLoughlin,
21 December 2022

What is it about South Australia that so frequently puts it at the forefront of social reform?


Is politics The oldest profession?

Neil Pharaoh,
28 November 2022

Conflict between political classes, planning permission, ground breaking ceremonies, and political propaganda have all existed since ancient Egyptian times - and their lessons still apply today.


What is COP and what does it mean for you?

Neil Pharaoh,
08 November 2022

As Neil writes to us from Egypt, the location of COP27, we are reminded of the need for climate justice, equity and equality across all communities in Australia.


Understanding the budget cycle

Neil Pharaoh,
01 November 2022

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers recently delivered the new Labor Government's first budget. Despite a tough economic outlook, there’s a lot to like for the social purpose sector.


Integrity in focus

Neil Pharaoh,
19 October 2022

What do the current high levels of interest in integrity in politics mean for the for-purpose sector? Neil Pharaoh explains.


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